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December 03, 2012


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Hey Mike,

A behavior change observation and two tips for you.

First, understanding pros and cons for new behavior (blogging) is half of the issue. Understand the competition too; what are the pros and cons for maintaining your current behavior, or status quo? For me, opportunity costs weigh heavily - what I can be doing instead of blogging ( exercising for one thing, writing books and articles are recent and current ones as well)?

I get competitive with myself and start looking at analytics everyday. If I am not posting, it shows ( yikes!). Call it " feedback loop."
Set a goal, one a week for instance, or every two weeks, and set out a reward (that coffee or chocolate) and self-reward. And/or add a clause that you have to double the posts for the next time interval.
Definitely use Dragon. It gets me over that "idea to words" gap.
Remember a lot of people are not on Twitter, repurpose those tweets.
If it becomes work and not purpose, reset.


Yay, you, for getting back to blogging! Here's my support (#4) to encourage you to continue to share your insights with us.

Clearly, I'm not the best role model for blogging on a consistent basis, as I can go for a year without posting sometimes. My pros and cons are similar to yours. I love having written, but finding the time and energy to actually do the writing on top of everything else in my life is the hard part. I eventually decided that being consistent was not as important as blogging when I had something really new, important or unique to share.

So, write when you feel compelled to, but don't beat yourself up when you just don't have the time. We'll still be here when you have something important to say. :-)

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