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June 16, 2011


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Thanks for your observations. I think that service design work holds a lot of potential for our work. It is something I want to dig into more. (Or perhaps you would like to do a guest posting?!)

This conference on neuromarketing kept reiterating the value of creating positive experiences in order to influence the behavior of the audience. It seems to me that adjusting the 4 Ps is one way to do that.

I would be happy of public health and other disciplines "doing good" would take and try to apply just a tithe of these learnings!


Thanks for this reply, Stephen. It does strike me that some of the lesson being published out of neuromarketing are old, or from established psychology. I think the thing that is new is begin able to see what is happening at the neuronal level to confirm that wisdon. And some of the learnings may be new. I am remembering reading in Lindstorm's book, Buyology, that an MRI was able to show that the pleasure centers in the brains of smokers were firing when they were exposed to an ad about the dangers of tobacco--something that health planners thought would be a turn-off. Seems that what they smokers perceived was the opportunity to be together socially, in a pleasurable way.


Nice post and important information Mike. Yes, a lot of this is transferable to the idea of how we 'enhance experiences'- whether it be with the products, services, or behaviors we market in our programs.

Everything from the environments we meet in with people, and provide services, to always remembering 'we think with our senses too.' You and others may also want to start looking at service design work as you dig into this more.

Stephen Dann

I do love that neuromarketing is making a massive fuss over discoveries we've know in services marketing for decades. Perception beats reality, (1 and 2), and the value of post-purchase advertising to reduce cognitive dissonance (8), early majority opinion seeking and late majority grudging acceptance (9).

Science isn't actually discovering any of this - they're making big machines go bing, and then cribbing notes from a 1996 copy of Intro to Services marketing :)

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