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February 24, 2010


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Mike Newton-Ward

Hi Sarah,

Great question. Yes, barriers and benefits, as a category, are the determinants of behavior! And the things that determine behavior are the barriers and benefits an audience associates with a behavior. So,I think one can use the terms interchangeably. While they will be different among audience segments, and by problem area being worked on, I have found the list I cite above from Fishbein to be INCREDIBLY helpful in understanding what potential determinants of behavior may be in a specific case. I can test these out in my formative research. Does this help?

Yes, you have me pegged for one of the barriers that prevents me from posting more often! I want the posts to be well-written and useful.

Thanks for following me! I wish you well in your work, and with your own blog!



Great posts! I see you struggle to post regularly, just like me on my blog...but I suspect it's something that just happens when you want to make sure you blog is well-written and useful!

I do some social marketing for my work (from an environmental perspective), and I have had a long-standing question about determinants. Are barriers and benefits a behavioural determinant, or are they a separate category entirely? My boss, who is a cognitive psychologist and an ecologist, doesn't seem to be bothered by this question. She just figures they are essentially the same thing and the importance is in how they act. I can see this, but I guess I just have trouble with the way literature seems to breeze over the role of determinants and not show me the relationship between determinants and barriers/benefits! Any tips?

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