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November 18, 2008

The Social Marketing Blogosphere is Alive and Well!!

...Even if I have not posted in awhile!

My apologies to everyone who has followed my posts, for not having blogged in several weeks!  It seems I have run out of day before I have run out of things to do.  I have decided that creating this new blog is kind of like having a baby, in that you have to get into a rhythm of having this new thing in your life to care for.  So, "baby" and I will continue to get used to each other, and I plan to be a better blogger!

Despite my absence in the blogosphere, there are a whole family of social marketing blogs to keep your head well fed.  There are the blogs I cited in my September 10th post, Craig Lefebvre's "On Social Marketing and Social Change," Nedra Weinreich's "Spare Change," and Alexandra Rampy's "Social Butterfly."   In addition, I want to highlight the following social marketing blogs.

Stephan Dahl's "The Social Side of Marketing," gives us a look at things social-marketing from a UK perspective.  Stephan is Principal Lecturer at Middlesex University Business School in London.  Recent posts on his blog have included using mobile technology to access information on HIV, and links to an interview with Jeff French, head of Britain's National Social Marketing Centre.  (When you visit Stephan's blog, note that he uses the European convention of writing dates as day/month/year!)

Andre Blackman's blog, "Pulse and Signal" provides an enlightening look at public health and e-technologies.  Andre states that the purpose of his blog is to comment on "the impact and potential usefulness, of technology (e.g. social media, consumer/emerging web tech) on health communication, health education and social marketing."

Know of other social marketing blogs that I have missed?  Tell me about them, and I will post them.

On the right side of my blog, I have added a new feature, Social Marketing Bloglines, developed by Craig Lefebvre, which brings together feeds from several of the social marketing blogs.  If you see a topic that interests you, just click on the title and you can read the full post.  Just trying to make it easier, for you, my reader! (I removed the widget for assisting with hurricane responses, since we are coming to the end of the hurricane season here.)


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Hi there

I have tried to access the Jeff French interview but it is 'subscriber only' content on the Chartered Institute of Marketing site

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